The main objectives are:

Support the implementation of national strategies and policies of the European Union, Europol, the Council of Europe, the UN, Interpol, the OSCE, the NATO  and other international organizations in the field of international and internal security (police cooperation, combating fraud, crime prevention, combating organized crime and terrorism, the fight against CBRN threats and the environmental crime, the fight against trafficking in human beings, fight against extremism and drugs, border protection, etc.) and in the field of emergency management (civil protection, firefighting and rescue activities, protection of the environment and the health of the population).

Other objectives are:

Raise up the effectiveness in the fight against crime and organized crime and to support police and security forces in the investigation and detection of crime. Support rescue units in rescue missions during the natural disasters. The main target groups are the entities of public administration (police and other security forces, army, customs authorities, the Prosecutor’s Office, courts, fire and rescue departments, public authorities active in the field of security, civil protection, nuclear surveillance, health, environment, etc.). Other target groups include: international and European institutions, scientific-technical and academic institutions, regional and local authorities, non-governmental organizations, private sector entities and individuals (victims of crime and residents affected by exceptional events and citizens in crisis situation abroad out of their home).