How Slovakia Fought COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused a hitherto unknown crisis around the world. The crisis has revealed how countries are prepared for similar situations in legal, material and procedural terms. It also revealed people’s nature as well as politicians’ ability to take decisions and act. Furthermore, the COVID-19 crisis pointed out the shortcomings in the civil protection and healthcare fields. It outlined the lack of coordination of the various components fighting biological threats, as well as the lack of understanding of some of the basic principles of professional and strategic communication. At the same time, the crisis has shown that solidarity between people still exists; apart from a few individuals who profit from this crisis in the form of fraud and crime.

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QUINTETO+ Counter-CBRN terrorism cross-border exercise

In terms of scale, a CBRN incident may be local but also vast and trans-border and, as such, it may require a fast international reaction. The need of the knowledge related to CBRN threats is evident and strategic to develop adequate countering strategies. Therefore, the Consortium where International Security and Emergency Management Institute was leading partner of the project “Gap analysis on detection of CBRN threats and organization of cross-border exercise” has been assigned by the European Commission within the framework contract to provide a good overview of the scenarios of possible CBRN terrorist attacks and to provide a gap analysis in relation to detection capabilities.

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