R-PLAN project

The R-PLAN (Networking for Cross-border Risk Management Plan) project is financed by the UCPM (Union Civil Protection Mechanism), the duration of its implementation is a period of 2 years (December 2020 – November 2022). The main goal of the project is the assessment of risks of the territory in the context of civil protection of the population and networking of actors of civil protection and crisis management for the application of related solutions in practice.

The main outputs of the project are: (1) Methodology for risk assessment of the Slovak Republic in the context of civil protection of the population, which is harmonized with a similar document in Czech Republic. This approach enables cross-comparison of findings at the national level, with the aim of facilitating joint planning for increasing resilience of threats. To support cooperation at a lower – regional level, the methodology is also developed for the needs of a smaller territory – a region (in the future, i tis possible to prepare a regional methodology also at district or municipality level).

Another important document on which the methodology is based is the updated (2) Register of Threats of the Slovak Republic (updated version for 2022). It contains the distribution of threats according to gestors. For the application of the methodology in practice, (3) Educational material is prepared in the form of presentations and simple examples for understanding the methodology.

Dissemination activities within the R-PLAN project were carried out on the basis of a communication plan, the last activities were the Final Conference organized by the ISEM Institute on September 20-21, 2022 in the premises of the University of Zilina in Zilina and a meeting of working group in Ostrava in the premises of Technical University of VŠB in Ostrava on November 7-8, 2022. Both meetings were attended by the project coordinator – ISEM Institute, the partner from the Czech Republic – Population Protection Institute and all other experts.

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